From principles to action

From principles to action

Founded by then Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the United Nations Global Compact is a special initiative of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General and the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. 

The United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies to align strategies and operations with Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We provide a principle-based framework, best practices, resources, and networking events that have remodeled how companies do business responsibly and keep commitments to society. By catalyzing action, partnerships and collaboration, we make transforming the world possible – and achievable – for organizations large and small, anywhere around the globe. 

Strategy 2024-2030 – Our commitments

The United Nations Global Compact’s French network has adopted early 2024 a new strategy, looking ahead to 2030. 

Florent Menegaux, President of Michelin Group and the UN Global Compact Network France, has led an in-depth and committed collaborative effort resulting in this new document. It unveils an ambitious roadmap with pivotal objectives designed to enhance the positive impact of our sustainability initiatives. 

This new strategy focuses on four pillars: 

1. Inform and federate

2. Provide resources and consolidate committed companies’ actions; 

3. Mobilise our members and promote their actions ; 

4. Enlighten and influence. 

Click here to download our strategy 2024-2030

UN Global Compact Network France

UN Global Compact Local Networks assist firms to identify sustainability challenges and opportunities. They give practical guidance for action, and encourage action in support of larger UN goals, hence advancing the initiative and the Ten Principles at the country level. 

The UN Global Compact Network France (Pacte mondial de l’ONU – Réseau France) is the French, business-led network of the UN Global Compact. It brings together more than 2 000 companies and non-profit organizations around social and environmental responsibility and sustainable development issues. It also aims to facilitate the mission to support the incorporation of the 2030 Agenda and the adoption of the SDGs by the French business community. 

Through the UN Global Compact Network France, companies can interact with other businesses and stakeholders from NGOs, government, and academia, and receive guidance on how to put their sustainability pledges into action. Network France is a self-governing, self-managed organization that collaborates closely with the United Nations Global Compact and serves as a touchpoint for UN Global Compact signatories in France.